We need your help to make communities more resilient before and after disaster. We are committed to being free, global, and accessible at any scale for any community at a moment's notice.

We can currently only accept donations from residents of MA and CA.

We have to register with each state’s Secretary of State in order to legally fundraise there. For all 50 states, this will cost about $3,000. We are hoping to raise this money soon from MA and CA entities, and then fundraise nationwide!


Note: These donations help SRC, Inc.

Money donated here goes to and stays with SRC, Inc. to pay for the needs below. It does not go to local recovery efforts run by individual recovers.org community pages. We encourage you to donate to local groups doing the difficult work of recovery by reaching out to them via those community platforms or their own websites.

Where does the money go?

  1. We need to keep the websites up and running. This involves flexible Amazon Web Services cloud servers, security certificates, service subscriptions and homepage hosting.

    • This costs us approximately $6,000 USD a year. Can you help us keep the website from going dark?

  2. We need to hire an engineer or firm to rebuild the software to natively integrate multilingual capabilities - and to add all of the features that communities have been requesting from us for years. We plan to migrate toward an open-source model, so that volunteer engineers around the world can build in local, custom features to meet unique needs of their communities.

    • Small changes will cost anywhere from $0 to $5,000, depending on what kind of volunteer engineering time we can secure. Big changes -- the core overhaul, the Recovers 2.0 -- will cost around $40,000. This overhaul gets us to the start line where we can be a fully open-sourced project, powered by volunteer engineers and organizers. Can you help us modernize the platform and make it flexible and open source?

  3. We need to hire an Executive Director - our first employee. We are currently an all-volunteer organization. The members of the Board, plus a team of dedicated volunteers around the world, are the volunteers who run this operation in addition to full-time jobs. An Executive Director will help us streamline the onboarding of new communities, maintain and grow our network of partner organizations, build relationships with state and federal emergency agencies, and guide the development of the software.

    1. This requires paying a reasonable salary, benefits, and securing modest office space. Can you help us find and pay our first employee, to help guarantee the continuity of services that are currently provided by volunteers?

Help us fundraise with your time and talents!

  • Do you know of a grant program to which we could apply? [Corollary: are you a grant writer??]

  • Do you know of a foundation that is looking for new nonprofits to support?

  • Can your company match donations? Can your company donate material goods, like laptops and routers?

  • Is your aunt gratuitously wealthy AND approachable?